Please support the Strawberry TARTS Federation

The Strawberry TARTS Federation works to empower members of the community to learn about Computing, reuse and recycle laptops, and provide access to vital online learning and information.

We are currently a small number of volunteers but with big ideas. In 2015 we want to:

  • run school clubs teaching computer coding to support the new computing curriculum
  • run a computer drop in sessions to give Internet access
  • start an ‘earn a laptop’ scheme where people can earn a laptop by helping at drop in sessions

We desperately need the help of local business and laptop suppliers to help get to put our ideas into motion. From previous experience we are trying to source laptops that are:

  • Not older than 10 years
  • Portable so we can take them around to do workshops and after school clubs.
  • Are solidly built (often business laptops)
  • Has a minimum of 1G RAM (or the capacity for it)

We are particularly keen to use the following brands and models of laptops:

  • Lenovo Thinkpad – (especially X series laptops)
  • Dell Latitude laptops
  • HP laptops

We are also very happy to take power supplies for those brands of laptops too.

If you are a business that is reselling or needs to recycle suitable laptops please get in touch with us on