Minecraft Pi activities for schools

I was lucky enough to get some training on using Raspberry Pis in schools by Amanda Banks as part of my PGCE at Man Met Uni.

Extract of printed hand out for Minecraft Pi workshop.

Extract of printed hand out for Minecraft Pi workshop.

The short story is that a version of Minecraft for the Raspberry Pi has been created which allows you to write simple code in Python to make things happen in your Minecraft world. This is a very good way of engaging students in the creation of text based coding.

Amanda drew our attention to the excellent resources created by Craig in the form of recipe cards for Minecraft Pi.

We were then asked to prepare a 2 hours teaching session for students at Sale High.

I took on creating a recipe card based on Craig’s template for another fun activity that I found which was to create a huge rainbow. This activity code was by zhuowei.

Needless to say, with such a great team and the support of the MMU, our course tutor Ellie, and Amanda there on the day we were Computing rock stars. See the video evidence here. 

And the finale is that the print out of the Rainbow activity is here in an easy to print layout in various formats. Please share! CC-BY-SA

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