Introducting Strawberry TARTS

Strawberry TARTS are recycled laptops which have been installed with a Linux operating system. TARTS stands for The Adaptable Recycled Teaching System.

The Strawberry TARTS Federation invites you to share your resources on using Linux and Free Software applications.

Learning about computers has never been so important. Digital communication is becoming vital for many people. As technology and surrounding issues become more complex we need to learn more about it to be able to make informed decisions.

Free Software and Linux operating systems are great ways of getting a good fundamental understanding of what is going on in a computer and digital communication.

In the UK there have been radical changes to the way computing is taught in schools. One exam board has a module on Linux as part of the GSCE exam (for 14 year olds).

The Raspberry Pi, the credit card sized computer, is being used is many innovative ways in schools. This work is an inspiration and shows what can be done to teach Linux on low-power computers.

Raspberry Pis use the debian Linux operating system which allowing it to be run on a computer with a small amount of RAM.

The same approach can be used with laptops that would otherwise be thrown away. This provides a great way to reduce computer waste and make computers available to schools, clubs and individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford them.

We encourage clubs, teachers, universities and anyone interested in learning or teaching computing and digital skills to try out the Strawberry TARTS system on a laptop near them.