16 Days of Street Art Action

16 Days of Street Art Action took place in Manchester between 25th November and 10th December 2013 to mark the annual international campaign 16 Days of Action to End Violence Against Women.

During the campaign, 16 pieces of street art created by 16 diverse women from across the North appeared in a variety of secret locations around Manchester, illustrating local women’s perspectives on feminism.

Hilary Turley and Jo Lane who dreamt up and coordinated the project wanted to stimulate dialogue and debate about the word feminism, often misunderstood or considered irrelevant in today’s society, and to make the link between feminist activism and women’s human rights.

We asked women around the country to tell us what feminism meant to them and artists then illustrated the quotes. Click on the gallery below to see the full images.

It was really exciting to see feminist street art popping up all over Manchester! You can see the artist’s work below. Click on the gallery below for the full effect! Plans are currently underway for another Manchester based street art project celebrating the lives and work of revolutionary women. For more information, watch this space!