Project Report- Webmaking using Javascript to promote student engagement and constructivist learning approaches at KS3

This study has a focus of the creation of a creative and engaging curriculum to teach text-based coding to KS3 students. Download the Webmaking report here. 
Recent government-sponsored reports have placed a focus on computational thinking and have created a set of capabilities that should be taught at Key Stage 3 (KS3) (Computing at School, 2010; Computing at School Working Group, 2012; The Royal Society, 2012). These include using a text based language to write algorithms and using techniques including selection, iteration and data types (Department for Education, 2015).



I wanted to try to teach these core elements in line with an exploratory, constructivist approach. I chose to adapt the Webmaking concept proposed by Mozilla to use the Javascript text coding language in the framework of webpage creation. The scope of the use of the materials created for this course is aimed beyond the walls of the classroom for use in computer clubs, adult education and community-based computer education.

The second part of this essay shows the application of theory in practice. I evaluate my planning, teaching and assessment for learning. In addition particular activities and approaches are selected for analysis, specifically their impact on student motivation, engagement and higher constructivist learning outcomes. Areas for further subject investigation and professional development are dealt with in the final section.