About Digital Ducks FM

Digital Ducks / FLOSS Manuals is a UK-based Community Interest Company (CIC) which specialises in the use of participatory methods and Free Software in education.

Some of our main projects are as follows.


  • Participatory research: blending community research techniques with digital communication skills
  • FLOSS Manuals: Free software manuals & ┬átraining resources.
  • Strawberry TARTS (The Adaptable, Recycled Teaching System): Low cost, low impact, free software educational laptops and training resources.
  • Duck Tape University: building connections between academic institutions and other communities via the participatory creation of programmes and resources
  • Digital Duckumentaries: empowering communities to tell stories using innovative digital means
  • Web Foot Productions: website, multimedia and video production specialising in community, campaign and education projects