Scavengers of Calderdale – Pilot Workshop

As part of a project that came out of an entry in the Calderdale Bootstrap Project, Scavengers of Calderdale is a joint project of Noisy Toys and EdLab MMU. This opening pilot workshop at the Hackerspace in Hedben Bridge explore the possibilities offered by taking apart electronic waste and / or recycling computers to create Retro Arcade machines. The “unmaking”… Read more →

EdLab Highlights of Community Learning Festival 2017

EdLab was happy to be able to contribute some key workshops aimed at children and families for the 2017 Summer Community Learning Festival in the Birley Building. The festival is an idea way for us to develop our partnerships with local education providers and give us and our students an opportunity to try out new educational sessions. Below are some… Read more →


Scavengers is all about up-cycling: making new things out of junk. Like Wombles*. This session is led by Steve Summers (Noisy Toys) and Mick Chesterman (EdLab) and will focus on Un-Making electronic things and Making things that make Noise. Like Techno Wombles**. 1st August 2017 Bridge Rectifier, Hebble End, Hebden Bridge 4 – 5:30 ages 6-11 (accompanied) 6 – 7:30… Read more →

Project Report- Webmaking using Javascript to promote student engagement and constructivist learning approaches at KS3

This study has a focus of the creation of a creative and engaging curriculum to teach text-based coding to KS3 students. Download the Webmaking report here.  Recent government-sponsored reports have placed a focus on computational thinking and have created a set of capabilities that should be taught at Key Stage 3 (KS3) (Computing at School, 2010; Computing at School Working… Read more →

About EdLab

I’ve started work as a Educational Innovation and Enterprise tutor at the MMU edLab. The main part of my role is setting up educational opportunities with informal education projects. Here’s a little about the new edLab project and the presentation I did to apply for the job. About EdLab Our core aim is to create and support activities involving our… Read more →

EdLab Interview Presentation – Mick

This was the interview presentation that helped me get the EdLab Job at MMU. Introduction I’m excited about the project outlined in the visioning document and how the Educational Innovation and Enterprise Tutor post supports it.  It seems is fantastic way to bring employability skills into the student experience. This is a good location for it. There’s a great diversity… Read more →

Introducing Digital Ducks FM

Digital Ducks / FLOSS Manuals is a UK-based Community Interest Company (CIC) which specialises in the use of participatory methods and Free Software in education, campaigning and communities.

The project is lead by Hilary Turley and Mick Chesterman. Their respective blogs are here:

Our main projects and areas of work are as follows.

  • Participatory evaluation and research: blending community research and evaluation techniques with digital communication skills.
  • FLOSS Manuals: Free software manuals &  training resources.
  • Strawberry TARTS (The Adaptable, Recycled Teaching System): Low cost, low impact, free software educational laptops and training resources.
  • Duck Tape University: building connections between academic institutions and other communities via the participatory creation of programmes and resources.
  • Digital Duckumentaries: empowering communities to tell stories using innovative digital means.
  • Web Foot Productions: website, multimedia and video production specialising in community, campaign and education projects.




Books produced during the Book Sprints for ICT Research project

Books produced during the Book Sprints for ICT Research project From Urban Space to Future Place: The UrbanIxD Summer School 2013 I. Helgason, M. Smyth, N. Wouters, O. Surawska, L. Skrinjar, L. Jensen, S.Rosenbak, A. Streinzer, Amsterdam, 2013 Read the book: issuu | PDF Adaptive Collective Systems: Herding Black Sheep S. Anderson, N. Bredeche, A.E. Eiben, G. Kampis, M. van… Read more →